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Castle Roof Restoration

When your roof needs a facelift, make the best decision for your home and call Castle Roof Restoration

My Story

I've loved every minute of my journey

Where I Started

My first trade was as a French Polisher, and I loved turning worn out, damaged pieces of furniture and antiques, back into reusable beautiful products. I mastered the art of hand French Polishing with shellac, but unfortunately modern lacquers and polyurethane products are far more superior to shellac. These products are sprayed in a spray booth, and this was the start of a long life of me mastering the art of using different types of spray equipment.

An Idea Is Born

A friend of mine was a roof tiler and he wanted to get into Roof Restoration, but he had never used any type of spray equipment in his life. He approached me about teaching him how to use airless equipment and he in turn taught me about all aspects of roofing. We worked together for 5 years, and my knowledge of roofing skyrocketed. This was 21 years ago. I have been self employed ever since and now work by myself guaranteeing all my customers that everything I quote you for will be done to the highest standard possible without any fuss.

More than 1,000 Happy Customers

It stands to reason why I have been successful in operating my own business for 16 years. I understand the importance of trust and as a member of your local community; I strive to deliver quality-roofing services at reasonable rates to your requirements.

Why Us?

Castle Roof Restoration prides itself on outstanding quality workmanship using the best quality products in the marketplace. I offer you amazing value for money, with 100% transparency and exceptional customer service.